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Brian Brusokas

Brian Brusokas

Special Agent, FBI

Brian Brusokas works as a Special Agent in the Chicago Division of the FBI and has been employed as a Special Agent with the FBI for approximately eighteen years.  During his time with the FBI, SA Brusokas has worked investigations involving: computer crimes, public corruption, corporate fraud and mortgage fraud.  For the last eleven years, SA Brusokas also served as a member of the FBI’s Art Crime Team.  The FBI’s Art Crime Team is a group of fifteen Special Agents throughout the FBI that investigate art and cultural property crimes including: theft, fraud, looting and trafficking across state and international lines.  While on the team, SA Brusokas has worked a number of successful art crime investigations including:  the investigation of a multimillion dollar global fine art print counterfeiting operation that resulted in fourteen individuals being charged in the United States and eight individuals being charged in Europe, an investigation that allowed the FBI to recover and return to The White House a stolen Presidential Medal of Freedom that was to be awarded to Apollo 13 Astronaut James A. Lovell after his crew’s heroic mission into space in 1970, the first Federal criminal investigation into the practice of auction house shill bidding, the recovery of an 1728 Krzysztof Lubieniecki oil painting taken from the Polish National Museum during World War II and the recovery of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl XLIX and LI game used jerseys.     


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