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Déjà vu Delta…Reopening Strategies 2.0

12:55 to 1:30pm

| Monday, October 4th

With the onset of the pandemic, and subsequent resurgence of COVID-19 variants, we’re seeing a dramatic shift within the workplace taking place. Many have found that the workplace may have more meaning than we’ve given it credit for. For employees, it’s not simply a place to work. The workplace is an environment to be productive, collaborate in person, build relationships, socialize with coworkers, make friends, and entertain clients and guests. The long-term impacts that work-from-home (WFH) could have are formidable: loss of connection, weakened company culture, frayed social fabric. What we’ve learned from our multiple openings and closures is that a hybrid work model should realistically be considered with the integration of new technologies that will facilitate a new WFH business model that takes the important benefits of socialization, work-life balance, safety, security, and productivity into consideration. This presentation will discuss both the challenges and benefits that innovative workplace strategies present.


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