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A Hybrid Security Model for Equity in Visitor Experience

2:40 to 3:20pm

| Monday, October 4th

The Addison Gallery of American Art recently deployed a hybrid museum security model, creating a new paradigm for asset protection and the visitor experience. The system gives security officers complete visibility of all galleries assigned to them, combining surveillance technologies in combination with ongoing diversity and equity training. Our hybrid security model prioritizes inclusion to ensure that all feel welcome in the museum space while improving response times to alarms and emergencies.

In our system, “private corrections” alert visitors who get too close to artwork. The unbiased, bodiless voice protects the exhibition while preventing visitors from feeling targeted or profiled. Through Art Sentry’s analytics, protection zones, and audible messaging, visitors have an unencumbered experience with the art; they are able to engage safely without unnecessary security officer interactions. To further maximize visitor comfort and reduce intimidation, we’ve removed the formality of blazered uniforms, and security personnel now wear clothing that allows for individual expression.

We are proud to broaden accessibility to the Addison’s remarkable collection through these innovative approaches and look forward to showing the measurable results and benefits.


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