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Promoting Exhibit Access and Safety: A Collaborative Approach to Collections Care

1:15 to 2:10pm

| Tuesday, October 5th

The Promoting Exhibit Access and Safety (PEAS) Working Group advocates for the protection of collections on exhibit and visitor safety and engaging the public in collections care, in addition to security. The group seeks out and reviews new methodologies that aim to protect exhibits and/or enhance safety for visitors, provides interdisciplinary expertise and recommendations to organizations and individuals that are seeking to better protect collections on exhibit and/or visitor safety, supports and/or peer reviews the testing of new and novel methodologies, and promotes and advocates for the implementation of proven strategies within the field. This presentation will focus on the benefits of collaborating across disciplines (collections managers, conservators, architects, security, facilities managers, risk managers, and visitor services) and share strategies that have been proven effective to positively influence visitors to interact appropriately with collections and exhibits.


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