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Case Study: The MoMA Incident and Staff Wellness and Safety

3:45 p.m. – 5:10 p.m.

| Wednesday, October 19th

This session will begin with a discussion from Tunji Adeniji, Chief Facilities & Safety Officer, and Daniel Platt, Director of Security, on the March 2022 stabbing of two employees at the MoMA. They will use the incident as a case study and present on crisis management, including the crisis management architecture of the MoMA, and post-event lessons learned. Discussion will include post-traumatic event follow-up and resources provided to staff.

Next, Amanda Jones, Smithsonian’s SI Civil Branch Manager, will provide an overview of the Smithsonian SI Civil Program, which launched in 2021 as a resource that employees and affiliated persons may use to report threats of violence, incidents of intimidation, or harassment, and get information about appropriate next steps. The goal of this program is to empower employees and affiliated persons to communicate workplace concerns and facilitate the resolution of those concerns as quickly as possible. Amanda will discuss the Smithsonian’s anti-harassment policy and workplace violence prevention program.

Finally, Michelle Reugebrink, Mindfulness & Resiliency Program Manager and Master Coach, USDA Forest Service will conclude with a presentation on mindfulness. Mindfulness is simply awareness. Nothing more. Nothing less. Being fully present and aware of your actions, thoughts, and feelings. It may seem too simple; however, with practice, mindfulness can help you calm your nerves, see challenges in a new light, tap into your creativity, and improve your response to stressors.


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