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Lightning Round: Innovative Physical Security and Staffing Techniques

2:10 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

| Wednesday, October 19th

Virtual Training in Protection Services: Lessons Learned and Looking Ahead – Kim Beck

In response to a growing need to deliver critical training faster, better, and with greater accessibility, Smithsonian’s Office of Protection Services (OPS) expanded the use of online tools. They have already increased consistency, broadened access, and lowered risks. Their strategy ensured that a steady flow of new hires received essential training to step into their roles, while current staff maintained certifications, and zero COVID-19 cases occurred due to training. These measures also support the Smithsonian’s efforts to provide a nimble, cost-effective, and responsive administrative infrastructure.

The virtual courier experience at the V&A: Challenges and Opportunities – Ana Muñoz

The substantial reduction of courier travel and extended use of virtual couriering imposed by the pandemic has brought a crucial opportunity for the sector to reflect on the benefits and drawbacks of this practice, as well as its viability to support a more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable lending practice in the future. Lessons learned from successful, but also challenging, virtual couriering practices have been considered for the inclusion of a “virtual courier” option in the V&A’s couriering policy. Thorough risks assessments on a case-by-case basis will continue to be essential to further reduce courier travel while also maintaining high standards of collection care.

Innovative Resource Sharing Across Institutions: An Introduction to the AIC Emergency Committee Wiki Page – Sonya Barron and Kim Hoffman

The American Institute for Conservation (AIC) Wiki page for Emergency Preparedness and Response has been redesigned to include an online library of resources, available through the Zotero software platform. High quality, up-to-date emergency management information that is vetted and trusted by ​cultural heritage and safety and health professionals is now available through the Wiki page, free of charge. You’ll learn how to navigate the Zotero library to find the information your organization needs ​to protect and preserve collection items during emergencies.

Video Analytics: Enhancing Visitor/Staff Interactions and Art Protection – Dan Bailey

Unintentional damage to art by visitors happens quickly. The simple human touch can be a destructive force, is often silent, and is rarely seen. Learn how the National Gallery of Art became aware of the prevalence of undesirable visitor interactions with art, how they are tackling the problem using video analytics, and how the system provides improved visitor experience!

Attracting Great Candidates Through Creative Marketing Strategies – Yasmine Vatere

Most, if not all, cultural institutions are struggling today with recruiting and retraining qualified employees.  We know that the quality of our employees is one of the most important factors in the success of our mission. Yet, few potential candidates will ever notice our employment advertisement.  How can we help increase the odds that good candidates will notice our job opening?  We can’t expect them to come to our ad; instead, we need to find creative ways to bring our ad to them.  This presentation will focus on some creative strategies and best practices to attract qualified and diverse candidates by bringing the job opening to them, at the right place and the right time, and inspiring them to apply.


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