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2023 Conference


Panel Discussion: Emergency Communications Coordination

11:25 a.m. – 12:40 p.m.

| Thursday, September 28

As Emergency Planning Specialist at the J. Paul Getty Trust, Les Borsay has supported a wide variety of emergencies ranging from brush fires to earthquakes to pandemics. One of the keys to successfully navigating any emergency is the use of clear and effective communications. Les will present a case study detailing the response and emergency communications aspects of recent brush fires on or near the Getty. He will also review some important lessons learned. 

Ramon Davis of the Smithsonian Institution will focus on how weather hazards can be used to improve emergency preparedness against any hazard. This includes alert/warning capabilities, as well as improving hazard awareness and developing emergency operations procedures. 

From Conservative commentators to Liberal comics; from contemporary collecting of Black Lives Matter and Immigration and DACA Protests, almost anything in American History can trigger the need for a crisis plan and sometimes an active response. And then there are outside interest group protestors who look to leverage museum locations and significance to amplify their messages and make news.

And sometimes, it can be as simple as a broken fire sprinkler or as complicated as possibly contaminated storage areas or collections.

Being prepared. Looking at ways to work with security team to deescalate a situation. The ability to quickly communicate to staff to prioritize life/safety. All are essential if you are working in crisis communications.

Linda St. Thomas and Melinda Machado will partner to share a few case histories and lessons learned with participants.


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