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Austin Sharpe

Director of Security, Addison Gallery of American Art

Austin Sharpe, CPP, CIPS, CIPM, is the Director of Security at the Addison Gallery of American Art located on the campus of Phillips Academy in Andover, MA. He is a graduate of the Northeast Regional Police Academy and has lectured on museum security protocols and procedures at the national level. For over 20 years Austin has dedicated himself to protecting cultural property.

As the former President of the International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection, New England Chapter, he created a community and network of security professionals focused on training, shared experiences, and community resources. In 2018, Austin launched an immersive three-day “Emergency Response and Disaster Planning” workshop, bringing invaluable experiences and learned techniques to handle various disasters to over 100 museum participants.

Austin has worked as a Police Officer in a nearby coastal community and enjoys developing turnkey solutions and researching the latest technologies for the protection of cultural property assets.


12:00 to 12:10pm

Welcoming Remarks by Lonnie G. Bunch III, Secretary of the Smithsonian Lonnie G. Bunch III

12:10pm to 12:40pm

Communities of Collaboration – Similarities Far Outweigh the Differences Matthew S. Miller

12:05 to 1:00pm

Art Crimes Timothy S. Carpenter

12:55 to 1:30pm

Déjà vu Delta…Reopening Strategies 2.0 Douglas Beaver

1:15 to 2:10pm

Promoting Exhibit Access and Safety: A Collaborative Approach to Collections Care Sam Snell Jeffrey Hirsch Cali Martin

1:30 to 2:25pm

Social Unrest – The Insurrection, January 6, 2021 Robert J. Contee III Robert Glover Jeffery Carroll

2:25 to 2:55pm

Learning from Climate Change, from Hurricane Harvey to Winter Storm Uri Sheryl Kolasinski

2:40 to 3:20pm

A Hybrid Security Model for Equity in Visitor Experience Jamie Gibbons Austin Sharpe Nick Haddon

2:55 to 3:25pm

Surviving Civil Unrest Ramey J. Kyle

3:35 to 4:25pm

Year in Review Robert (Bob) Combs

3:35 to 3:55pm

Shifting the Focus: Emphasizing Safety in Customer Service Trainings During COVID-19 Vanessa Herndon Andrea Lowther Tiffany Spriggs

3:55 to 4:20pm

Back to School – University Campus Safety Alignments with Cultural Protection Andrew Flagel

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