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Working With a Barrier Model in Our Fight Against Art Crime

2:10 p.m. – 2:55 p.m.

| Tuesday, October 18th

Through the National Security Plan 2022–2025, Belgium wants to work with barrier models in the fight against crime, among other things. One of the barrier models that has been developed in recent months in collaboration with the Belgian and Dutch police and experts in museum security, among others, is the barrier model against art crime. During this presentation, we look at the structure of this model and how it came about. We also consider the conditions for using it qualitatively and provide tools to police units and the security officers of cultural institutions. In order to detect these barriers that are raised by the security actors in the approach to (criminal) phenomena, the current (co-)operation is also evaluated in order to arrive at a smart multidimensional approach. Using a barrier model, insight is gained into the entire criminal phenomenon or process, the factors that facilitate the offense or criminal process, and the various steps that offenders or criminal organizations take to commit offenses.  


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