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Glenn Dowd

Glenn Dowd

Associate Director of Safety and Security Operations at the American Museum of Natural History

Glenn currently serves as the Associate Director of Safety and Security Operations at the American Museum of Natural History, in New York City. A former New York City Police Sergeant, he transitioned to private security in 2006, after twenty years of public service.    

Since leaving law enforcement, Glenn has held leadership positions for several different hospitals within NYC, ultimately serving as the Director of Security and Chief of Police at Harlem Hospital Center, NYCHHC. Within each position, and at each hospital, he focused on the education, training and development of staff, with an emphasis on reducing workplace violence and raising the standards of security guard performance and professionalism. Glenn has developed and led separate active shooter tabletop drills at St. Luke’s / Roosevelt Hospital Center, and at Harlem Hospital Center.  

Glenn began his tenure at the Museum in 2014 and he currently oversees a staff of 158 guards and 16 managers. As the Associate Director of floor operations, he has focused on improving staff performance through a combination of training and employee recognition, improving working conditions through upgrades in technology and equipment, and improving customer service contacts.  

Glenn has a total of 34 years of combined experience in public safety and private security. He holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Marist College, School of Management, and a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice.


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